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uRequest Live

Picture this, an all star 10pc band made up of the best musicians and singers in the country with the ability to take requests in real time from the audience. Audience members can request songs via our touch screen kiosks or with their smartphones. When a user chooses a song, the band receives the music and lyrics in real time on their iPads onstage, allowing the band to draw from a massive list of songs. The more a song gets requested by members in the audience the higher it goes in the queue for the band to play. The audience can also send the band messages and requests for dedications or shout outs. Clients have the ability to pre-screen the songs they want available for request. With an extensive list spanning all genres, the list can be tailored to your event's needs. The band performs a high energy set that can be all requests or the requests can be enabled for a shorter period of time (requiring users to request as many songs as possible from their smartphones to increase the chance of the band "playing their jam!").Additionally, uRequest Live travels with a live VJ (Video DJ), mixing the original live videos in sync with the requested performed songs, creating an even greater immersive experience for your guests. uRequest Live is at the technological forefront of the dance band experience and is sure to be a hit at your next event.