Merge Factory

At its core, Merge Factory is a performance art duo who fuse live, visual projection with live, remixed music. Nima Rezai and Brad Ranola have been working together as musicians since 1996. The last 21 years has brought them to nearly 20 countries to perform. This amount of experience has built them the rapport to fluidly read each other’s musical impulses. It’s this communication that makes a Merge Factory experience powerful and unique.

Cutting-edge creativity is the foundation of a Merge Factory show. Customizable content makes the performance equally suitable for artistic exhibition, dance or concert venue, and even product launches. Tasteful costumes add just the right amount of theatre. Powerful lighting and lasers bring the visual experience closer. Projection mapping to change the view of nearly any surface brings the performance to another dimension.

The Merge Factory team of artists is constantly developing new material to keep the shows fresh. With new technology like live camera feeds and motion reactive visuals, a participatory element can be added to each show. Capturing location-based footage to use in the visuals can give the audience a whole new perspective on their surroundings. Also, the unique ability to collaborate with dancers, visual artists and live musicians is an option to raise the impact level of each performance to immeasurable heights.

Much like a good movie score, the film wouldn’t work without it. Conversely, the score wouldn’t have any sentiment without the movie. This is why Merge Factory is what transforms an event to a memorable experience.







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Main Rider

Rider (w/ Sonic Butterfly)

Rider (w/ JessGo)

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