Kevin White

A presenter and facilitator who has worked around the world. His life has been dedicated to the telling of stories - of people, of organizations, of companies.  His passion is moving people with creative thought and so he focuses his topics on getting people to breakthrough moments.  As the designer of transformative experiences in the experiential industry for more than two decades, Kevin's expertise is simple: people.

Where he takes them, there are no boundaries.






  • Founder & Chief Strategist of XPL, Brand Experience & Event Agency
  • Past President of ‍‍‍the International Live Event Association
  • Experiential Brand Expert

Boston, MA

  • How to Think Like Google, Disney, and Other Innovative Brands‍‍‍
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • The Death of Creativity (and how you can resurrect it!)
  • Designing Psychology Into Live Events
  • Branding a Corporate Event: Why and How
  • Sustainable Event Design 101
  • Vision to Reality - Bringing a Client's Vision to Life

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