Matt Britton





Keynotes, Facilitation, Moderator


  • America’s leading generational expert on Gen Y & Gen Z
  • Consultant for half of the Fortune 500 on youth marketing strategies
  • Author of Amazon #1 bestselling title YouthNation
  • Founder & Former CEO of global digital/social agency MRY (Acquired by Publicis Groupe)

New York, NY

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  • YouthNation: Why youth culture is the driving force of the American business landscape
  • Instagram Killed The Television Star (How influencers are shaping the future of television)

  • The Barbell Economy: Why wealth disparity is shaping the next great American brands

  • Brands Are People, People Are Brands: The power of personal brand building

  • Status Update Over Status Symbol: How to harness the experience economy

Matt Britton is a National Bestselling author of YouthNation and founder of global digital marketing agency MRY, named by Mashable as "Digital Innovator Of The Year." Widely recognized as the preeminent expert on the Millennial Generation in the United States, Matt  has consulted over half the Fortune 500 on youth marketing strategy including Procter & Gamble Visa, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft.

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